Oral & Poster Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation Guideline

  • File format: PowerPoint slides

    On-site presentation:

  • How to submit: Please bring the file in USB It is recommended that presentation files are reviewed in the preview room prior to the oral presentation session to check if compatibility issues arise when used with different software versions. Note that including audio or video content in your PowerPoint presentation linked to external media files may not work when transferred to the presentation computer. Sometimes, the links needs to be updated or attached again as the links may not be able to identify where the external files are located due to being transferred from USB to a new computer. Thus, any PowerPoint presentation which includes links to external audio or video files needs to be tested in advance on the computer used for the presentation
  • Where to Submit: Preview Room Authors must check in to the speaker’s preview room at least 1 hour before their presentation to upload their presentation files or make any last-minute changes.
  • Q&A: There will be Q&A after presentation.

Poster Exhibition

KSPEN 2024 Poster Exhibition will take place during the congress.

  • Size of poster panel: 100 cm (width) x 210 cm (height)
  • Size: 80cm x 120cm (Vertical Format)
  • Exhibition Date: June 21 (Fri.) ~ 22 (Sat.)
  • Location: B2F, Sejong University, Gwanggaeto hall
  • Set-up: Before 09:00, June 21 (Fri.)
  • Take-down: After 17:00, June 22 (Sat.)
  • 1. Exhibitors will be provided with scotch tape, velcro, and push pins to attach their posters onto the boards.
  • 2. The Committee does not assume any responsibility for material displayed on the poster boards.
  • 3. Nobody will be held responsible for posters not collected at the end of the congress.